Business Services & Solutions

We provide top-flight QuickBooks bookkeeping, accounting, consulting, installation, set-up, training, and 3rd-party integration where required.

 Our specialty is QuickBooks Solutions for companies with 20 or more employees, or entrepreneurs with multiple companies.  We also regularly work with small businesses and offer a surprisingly affordable rate.

 QuickBooks & Enterprise Consulting -

We provide consulting, training, implementation, and maintenance for every version of QuickBooks including our specialty - QuickBooks Enterprise.

 Small Business Bookkeeping -

When and where required we can tackle your books, hands on and/or full charge.  We work faster and more thoroughly than most ‘bookkeepers’ so your actual net comparative cost is the same or less than other professionals.

We can do your business booking fast and correct, specializing in small businesses, start-ups, write-ups, clean-ups and catch-ups, as well as law firms, contractors, restaurants, telemarketing companies and dozens of other industries.

We take pride in the fact that our levels of customer service and responsiveness are second to none. We believe in TOTAL customer satisfaction and our business practices reflect that philosophy.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Solutions -

Move beyond the cash register. QuickBooks Point of Sale handles your day-to-day business by automatically tracking your inventory and customers — all you have to do is ring up sales. Use POS alone or along with QuickBooks Financial Software to make accounting fast and easy.   

Paperless Office & 'Cloud' Bookkeeping -

At the heart of the Catalyst RealTime Bookkeeping System is the e-Dashboard: our industry leading interface that allows our clients anytime, anywhere access to QuickBooks files and the e-Box Document Storage and Retrieval System. The e-Dashboard secure software features Remote QuickBooks access, a personalized, interactive Graphical User Interface for accessing financial administrative resources, and an integrated, paperless document system for storage, retrieval and distribution of the complete library of documentation relating to each client. 

Oasis CRM™ -

Oasis-CRM™ includes all of the features designed to automate your most challenging business processes. Oasis-CRM™ is designed as a "Total Business Solution", which means that all of the integrated modules you need to automate your business are included. Every department in your organization uses Oasis-CRM to share and process customer information in an easy to use, highly customizable environment. Oasis-CRM™ allows your business to grow by capturing lost revenue, optimizing efficiency and organizing business workflow. 

SAP Crystal Reports -

Access your data, format it, and deliver it as information inside and outside your organization - with the latest version of SAP Crystal Reports, the world's leading reporting tool.  Superb business reports and 'analytics.'

IT Solutions & Support -

In partnership with Joint Technologies Ltd., Catalyst offers a wide range of technical products and services to small/medium-sized businesses within Southern California: 

  • IT consulting and network support 
  • Remote networking and server-based computing
  • Internet and e-business 
  • Tech support (onsite, telephone and remote) 
  • Hardware and software sales

Multimedia Marketing -

In addition to all things QuickBooks, in collaboartion with its sister company, AD|MAX Merchant Media Solutions, we can provide a wide-range of cost effective local small business advertising services and products:

  • TV, Radio,  Internet Campaigns, Websites & SEO
  • Barter & Trade Commerce/Marketing
  • Newsletter Development, Promotional Writing & PR 
  • Marketing Plans

Business Writing Workshops & Training

Since 1953 Spence & Company has been providing businesses large and small with its acclaimed Business and Technical Writing Workshops and Training:

  • Write Smart for Business
  • Business Writing: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
  • Training Mid-Market Companies' Staffs, Our Specialty

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Catalyst Enterprise QuickBooks & Bookkeeping Services include:
QuickBooks training, QuickBooks set up, QuickBooks and Enterprise system integration and customization, financial statements, bank reconciliations, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, payroll taxes, sales tax returns, computer training, accounting, small business accounting, small business bookkeeping, on site installations, repair, maintenance, restoration, reconstruction, monitoring, adjustment, financial reports, monthly, quarterly, annual, software, checks, discounts, bookkeeping systems, bookkeeper assignments, bookkeeping software, bookkeeper training.

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